Welcome to King James Bibles Online: We are the first place to make multiple prints of the Authorized Version available in electronic format.

Now you can read the first approved print of the 1611 Holy Bible online along with Dr. Benjamin Blayney’s 1769 edition or the 1900 Pure Cambridge edition.

The 1611 Holy Bible, which is widely known as the King James Bible or the Authorized Version, was the third and last English Bible authorized by a king. King James I had 47 scholars begin translating the Bible in 1604, but its completion was not until 1611. According to the translators, they translated out of the original tongues while comparing and revising former English translations.

The 1769 Blayney edition, which is the standard King James Bible, is essentially the same as the 1611 Bible. However, there are many spelling, capitalization, and punctuation changes—even as much as 75,000! Some argue that this makes a significant difference between the two in translation, but you will not find more than a handful of word differences. Most say that the word differences are really what was meant to be in the 1611, but we can’t know this for sure, since the manuscripts where destroyed in the London fire, and the surviving editions aren’t exactly the same as the 1611 edition.

Many consider the 1900 Pure Cambridge King James to be the seventh revision of the King James Bible. It’s for this reason many prefer it over all other printed editions. They say it’s the purest Version available today.

King James Bibles Online supports and encourages the use of all three Bibles; wherefore, all three we made accessible for reading and studying God’s Holy Word.  Enjoy!